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Character & Citizenship Education


Character & Citizenship Education
In Springdale Primary School, we are committed to nurture students of good character so that they can develop to be secure individuals, leaders of self-worth and significant citizens of tomorrow.

Department Programmes
The school’s Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) department have put in place the following programmes & initiatives: 

  • Behaviour Management
    With the establishment of school rules & routines, the teachers play an important role in enforcing positive behaviour in the students. In Springdale Primary, we uphold the philosophy of ‘Discipline with dignity, management with care’. When correcting students’ behaviour, it is important to reinforce school values and help students see how they can put values into actions. It is also of utmost importance that teachers restore students’ self-confidence in the process of correcting students’ behaviour.

  • Social-Emotional Management
    The school provides care for students with social-emotional &/or special learning needs through individualised sessions conducted by our in-house Allied Educators for counselling and for learning and behavioural support respectively. They spend one-to-one session with these students to equip them with coping skills to overcome their challenges.

  • Student Leadership

    Our Student Leadership development incorporates the cultivation of values and dispositions and this includes the following:

    1. self-awareness and understanding of others
    2. having a set of sound values and perspective-taking skills
    3. good organization skills
    4. ability to embrace and manage change

    The school’s approach to student leadership training is to expose students to lead self, empower them to lead their peers, engage them to lead school and they excel to become leaders of leaders.  

    The school will expose all students to pursue self-mastery on this journey towards self-leadership. Leadership traits will be teased out from CCE & FTGP lessons as well as the Values Education talks during Assembly to help students learn the art of leading self before they can lead others.

    The school will also empower student leaders to perform their roles with needed guidance from the Teachers. Leadership training will be conducted for selected Primary 3 Prefects during the leadership camp in March.

  • Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP)
    The FTGP is conducted by both Form and Co-Form Teachers with MOE resources to equip students with social-emotional competencies to help them appreciate different perspectives, value the feelings of others and learn to better relate to their peers. Parental involvement is encouraged through parents’ participation in the Family Time Activities that are part of the syllabus.

  • Programme for Active Learning (PAL)
    Social-emotional skills taught during Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP) are reinforced and demonstrated in the weekly PAL lessons for the Primary 1 and 2 students. These lessons are conducted by both Form and Co-Form Teachers. The PAL programme consists of various modules, namely I Can Module, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Outdoors Education and Sports & Games.

    Level Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
    Primary 1 I Can! Part 1
    (school-initiated programme)
    Explorer 1
    (Outdoor Education)
    Junior Sculptor
    (Visual Arts)
    Artistes 1[1]
    (Performing Arts - Drama)
    Primary 2   Junior Athletics
    (Sports & Games)
    Artistes 2
     (Performing Arts - Music)
    Explorer 2
    (Outdoor Education) 
    I Can! Part 2
    (school-initiated programme)
    [1] This may be replaced by PAL Drama for P1 in 2015.

    Teacher-Student Chit-Chat sessions
    The school believes that good Teacher-Student Relationship is important in cultivating good learning habits & nurturing students to maximise their potential. Knowing students beyond the classroom context is important as it gives teachers a more holistic understanding of how he/she is at home, his/her interaction with others & his/her learning habits. Beyond academic development, the school hopes having chit-chat session will also be an opportunity for teachers to build positive bond with the students to influence an all-round development of the child.

    Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) Lessons
    CCE lessons are conducted every week by Mother Tongue Teachers. Through the CCE lessons, students learn about the values of Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Care & Harmony (R ICH) and social-emotional competencies and skills related to citizenship competencies. Parental involvement is encouraged through parents’ participation in the Family Time Activities that are part of the syllabus.


    Pre-Assembly & Assembly Talks on School Values

    Every term, the department conducts Assembly Talks on the values of the term so as to help students develop a deeper understanding of the school values and how they can apply them in daily life:

  • Term 1: Respect & Responsibility
  • Term 2: Care & Harmony
  • Term 3: Integrity
  • Term 4: Resilience

Values-In-Action (VIA) Programme

As part of the school’s VIA programme, class duties are carried out on a daily basis to develop in students a sense of responsibility. Besides daily class duties, the school provides once-a-term protected time during CCE lesson for CCE teachers to carry out VIA activities. Every term’s VIA activities allows students to apply the values they have learnt throughout the term. After each VIA activity, students reflect on the values they have put into practise, as well as how they can continue to apply the values in their daily lives. Students are also encouraged to practise at home what they have learnt in school. The school seeks parents’ involvement and support in this area to ensure application of learning both in school and at home.

Commemorative Event
Citizenship or national education is an important aspect of holistic education. Through it, we hope to cultivate in students a sense of belonging, commitment & rootedness to Singapore. This is done through the 4 commemorative events:

  1. Total Defence Day 
  2. International Friendship Day 
  3. Racial Harmony Day
  4. National Day


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