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P4 After-School Enrichment Programmes (Optional)

The school has arranged for the following enrichment programmes to provide Primary 4 students with varied learning opportunities and exposure across disciplines. These programmes, which are optional, will take place after school:

After-school Enrichment Programmes (Optional) Time
P4 Critical & Creative Thinking in Mathematics
Through engaging and interesting activities, aligned to the P4 Mathematics syllabus, this programme seeks to improve students’ attitudes, skills and knowledge towards Mathematics. It provides students with opportunities to exhibit the necessary thinking skills to refine and apply their Maths knowledge to various real-life situations. There would also be avenues where students explore creative ways to solve non-routine types of Mathematics problems. This programme serves to help students improve their understanding of basic Mathematics concepts and the application of their understanding.
P4 Math Enrichment.jpg
Semester 1
 Thursday afternoons 2pm - 3pm
P4 Mobile Application Development
Various types of mobile applications have been developed over the years with the increase in usage of mobile devices. This enrichment programme provides students with the opportunity to experience the process of developing a mobile application. During this programme, students will learn the steps and skills needed to build an Android app from start to finish.
P4 Mobile Application Enrichment.jpg
P4 Science Investigators
This programme seeks to provide opportunities for students to explore day-to-day science ideas & discover how things work. Packed with practical and hands-on activities, students will be exposed to scientific methods of inquiry such as constructing a hypothesis, putting to test their hypothesis & finally, drawing conclusions about their discovery.
Sci Investigator Enrichment.jpg
Semester 2
 Thursday afternoons 2pm to 3pm
P4 EL Literature Appreciation Programme
Literature Appreciation Programme (LAP) is tailored for students who enjoy a good read! Through a combination of textual analysis & fun-filled dramatization activities, students will be able to appreciate good literature & learn how to decode both explicit & sublime messages in texts. At the same time, they will be exposed to a wider range of vocabulary & good language usage.
P4 EL Lit Enrichment.jpg