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Springdale Parent Volunteer Club

Welcome to Springdale Parent Volunteer Club!

As depicted in the 3-leaves clover on our school crest, education is a partnership between the home, school and community. The active involvement of parents can promote a learning community in which pupils can engage positively with the various stakeholders. Hence, we would like to invite you to join us in this journey of collaboration and support the school through the varied opportunities listed on the Parent Volunteer (PV) Recruitment Form.

If you are keen to join us, kindly fill in the form and return it to the school. Please note that each parent should fill in a separate form. If you have any queries, please feel free to email Mrs Jaslyn Lim at cai_yuyu@moe.edu.sg or call her at 6315 7600.

Sign up as a PV using this Recruitment Form

Activities in Term 4 (2019)

Children’s Day Carnival Proposal

3 Oct 2019

This is the first year that SPVC organised a carnival for students during Children’s Day celebration. Game booths were set up and students were immersed in the carnival mood. The kids had fun playing the games and collecting points to exchange for gifts during their recess time. 

P6 Post PSLE activity- I CAN!

8 - 10 and 18 Oct 2019

The time for parent volunteers to be “teachers” is back again!  This is the second year that the P6 students were taught with some basic life skills. Through the enrichment programme organised by our parent volunteers, the kids learnt some tips on sewing, ironing, washing and folding of their own clothes in their daily life. 

Deepavali Celebration

21 Oct 2019

During Deepavali celebration, parent volunteers learnt how to make light ornament using paper and string. They also had hands-on session of making Rangoli and learning the techniques from our Indian parent volunteers to make the perfect Rangoli. It was a fun-filled experience for everyone!  

Deepavali Celebration photo.jpeg

Activities in Term 2 & 3 (2019)

Move! Healthy SPVC - Fun with Bowling!

26 April 2019

To strengthen the bonds between parent volunteers (PVs), a bowling outing to Safra Punggol was organised. While none of the PVs was a professional bowler, all of them enjoyed themselves thoroughly during the game. 

Move! Health.jpg

Hari Raya Celebration!

2 July 2019

As part of Hari Raya Celebration, PVs got to know more about the Malay culture through the making of the ribbon ketupat and playing of some traditional games. They also got to taste the yummy cookies that were specially prepared by our Malay PV.  A great way to celebrate Hari Raya with our Malay friend.

Teachers’ Day Performance

5 Sept 2019

Teachers are the light guiding the students in a world of possibilities. This year, PVs, together with some of the P6 students, put up a song item using glow sticks. Although the hall was dark, it did not deter the rest of the students from joining in the singing. PVs ended the performance by thanking the teachers in 4 languages (Malay, Tamil, Chinese and English). 

teachers day.jpg

Activities in Term 1 (2019)

Chinese New Year Bonding- HUAT!

31 Jan 2019

During this CNY bonding session, parent volunteers had a great time bonding through craft-making and games. They learnt how to make lanterns using red packets (hong bao) and pig decorations. It was an enriching session for all, having learnt the significance of and gained the appreciation of Chinese New Year traditions. HUAT!

PV CNY.jpg

Move! Healthy SPVC- Fun with Badminton

18 Feb 2019

Parent volunteers had a fun time during the healthy workout at the Indoor Sports Hall. Everyone enjoyed themselves regardless of whether they are experts or novices. The game spirit was high throughout and it seemed that everyone has innate talent for badminton!


Move! Healthy SPVC- SCA-MAZING Walk & Picnic @ Botanic Garden

18 March 2019

After a term of duties, our parent volunteers and their children had a great bonding time at the Botanic Garden. Mothers & children were grouped into teams and had a fun time finding stops and murals using clues, and completing challenges. The scorching sun did not dampen their spirits at all. 


picnic 2.PNG

Parent Workshop & Parent-Child Bonding Activity 

SPVC first Parent Workshop & Parent-Child Bonding Activity was held on Fri, 27 Apr 18. Parents and their children had a great time bonding through making art piece from recycled materials together.

Parent 1.png

Move! Healthy SPVC- A Walk in the Park!

SPVC soft launch of interest group ‘Move! Healthy SPVC’ first event ‘A walk in the park!’ on Wed, 19 Sep 18. The main objective of this interest group is to promote healthy living through physical activity among the Parent Volunteers. The PV had a great walk on that day!

 Parent 3.png

Teachers’ Day Celebration 2018 

SPVC put up a STOMP performance using daily items such as rubbish bins and chopsticks for the Teachers’ Day performance on Thu, 30 Aug 18.

Parent 2.png