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Total Defence Day

The school commemorated Total Defence Day (TDD) on Mon, 12 Feb 18. The theme is “Together We Keep Singapore Strong”. Singapore has remained safe &  peaceful over the past 52 years because of the efforts of all Singaporeans.

Total Defence remains relevant because the threats faced today require all Singaporeans to step up & play their part. Our youth are encouraged to put Total Defence into action in their daily lives by reaching out to one another, forging new relationships & strengthening existing ones to keep Singapore strong & resilient because our greatest strength lies in the unity & resilience of its people.

A week prior to the commemoration, our P1 to P4 students were shown videos to explain the significance of commemorating TDD, the 5 defences in Total Defence & they sang the TDD song, ‘There’s a part for everyone’. Our P5 & P6 students were shown videos about how people in Singapore coped with food shortages during the Japanese Occupation. Students also learned more about TDD through the CCE lessons conducted by their Mother Tongue Teachers.

This year, our school also focused the sharing on Economic & Psychological Defence. During Assembly, our teachers shared on how we can put Economic & Psychological Defence into action. For Economic Defence, students were taught to save & invest wisely, spend within their means, conserving energy & water & to adopt environmentally-friendly practices. As for Psychological Defence, the teachers shared on the importance of having the will & resilience to overcome challenges. Our Operations Manager also shared on the lockdown drill in the event of an emergency.

Through the various activities, students were able to understand the meaning of Economic & Psychological Defence & learn what to do during a crisis or emergency.