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Total Defence Day

On Monday, 11 February 2019, our school commemorated Total Defence Day (TDD). The theme was “Together We Keep Singapore Strong”. At Springdale Primary, we focussed on how Social Defence, one of the five pillars of Total Defence, is critical for Singapore.

A week prior to the commemoration, a recess activity entitled ‘Let’s build the tallest tower together’ was held. The objective of this activity was to have our students experienced the link between teamwork and building a strong foundation. With the help from our dedicated parent volunteers, the students showed teamwork and resilience while finding creative ways to build their own tallest tower. During Assembly, our teachers presented a skit on the various ways students can work, play and live with Singaporeans of all races and religions. 

Through these platforms, our students were able to understand the meaning of Total Defence, in particular, Social Defence and how they can play their part to keep Singapore strong.