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Student Leaders Investiture 2019

Student leadership is an important domain of student development in schools. In Springdale Primary, we seek to provide learning and empowering opportunities for students to:

1. Lead self

2. Lead peers

3. Lead leaders

This year, we merged the two major groups of Student Leaders (Prefects and CCA leaders) in Springdale Primary to form the Student Leaders Team. We are pleased to have our inaugural Student Leaders Investiture on Mon, 28 Jan 19.

Our Head Prefect and CCA Captain led the appointed student leaders to recite the Student Leaders Pledge before giving their speeches on how they would be garnering support from their peers to make the school a better place for all. 


The roles and responsibilities of student leaders include assisting teachers on duty to manage student movement and discipline, as well as, helping out during school events, mentoring junior student leaders and tapping on students’ voices to improve the school.

We hope that through this leadership platform, our student leaders will grow in their capacities to serve and be exemplary role models for their fellow schoolmates.