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Racial Harmony Day Celebration

The school commemorated Racial Harmony Day (RHD) on Mon, 16 Jul 18. The RHD serves to remind our students that race can be a potential fault line that causes disunity in society.

This year, the theme is Diversity Our Strength. Since the founding of modern Singapore in 1819, we have always been an immigrant community that has tapped on the strengths of our differences in the pursuit of a common goal to make Singapore our home.

A week prior to the commemoration of RHD, our students had the opportunity to play the traditional games during their recesses. With the help of our dedicated Parent Volunteers, the students (including our MOE Kindergarten) played Bola tin, Hop-Scotch, Pick-up sticks and Kuti-kuti. Students also learnt more about RHD via CCE lessons conducted by the Mother Tongue Teachers.

On Mon, 16 Jul 18, during Assembly, our teachers, with the help of our prefects, shared the reason why RHD is celebrated in Singapore and what we can do to continue to make this diversity our strength. Our school music teachers, together with the dancers from International Dance used the story ‘How Dragonfly and Butterfly became friends’ to teach students some basic dance movements from the different traditional dances, i.e. Chinese Dance, Malay Dance and Indian Dance. At the end of the day, each student was given a packet of Murukku (a traditional Indian snack) to bring home to share with their loved ones.

Through the various activities, students learn the importance of preserving racial harmony by appreciating the people of different races and their cultural practices. Students also developed dispositions of respect and acceptance as they played different traditional games together. We hope our Springdalites will remember this important day as they reflect on how the nation’s success was built on being a harmonious society based on cultural diversity.