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Parent-Teacher Conference

Research has shown that parents, guardians and families are by far the most important influences in a child's life. Their support plays a vital role at all stages of education. Parents who take on a supportive role in their child’s learning make a difference in improving achievement and behaviour. The active involvement of parents in the lives of the school-going children can also help promote better engagement and closer partnership between home and school. The platforms for such engagement and partnership include the Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC).

The school has had 2 sessions of PTC in Term 2 and 4. The objectives of the sessions were to:

1.  enhance home-school partnership to bring about better parental engagement in nurturing the whole             child;
2.  allow teachers to gain a better understanding of the child to cater to his/her learning needs; and
3.  provide feedback and/or clarify observations with parents about the child’s developmental progress in         school to enhance his/her learning holistically.

Many parents who took time off to interact with the teachers found the discussion useful and beneficial. They were able to obtain first-hand information about their child’s progress and development in school, and also provide the teachers with information about their child’s learning behaviour at home. Parents are appreciative of the teachers’ efforts in guiding their children as seen in the many ‘Thank You’ notes written for them.