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Open House

In order to engage the stakeholders within the Sengkang community, the school organised an Open House for parents who would be registering their child for Primary 1 admission in 2019. This year, the event was held on 3 & 10 Jul 2018. Almost 280 parents participated in this annual event. Prior to the event, brochures detailing the school’s educational philosophy & instructional programmes were sent to students in kindergartens & childcare centres within the vicinity of the school.

The Open House programme aimed to achieve the following:

1.      build partnership with selected kindergartens & childcare centres around the school;

2.      familiarize parents with the school’s educational philosophy, programmes & facilities; and

3.      promote Springdale Primary School as a choice school for the incoming Primary 1 cohort.

During the sessions, the School Leaders highlighted Springdale’s educational philosophy & how parents could better prepare their child for formal education. Information pertaining to the Primary 1 Registration process was also shared. Parents were brought on a school tour which highlighted the key teaching & learning facilities & related curricular & co-curricular programmes available in the school. Parents also had the opportunity to view students having lessons in the classrooms.

General feedback gathered from the parents was encouraging & they had found the event beneficial. For parents who were unable to join us during the Open House but would like to find out more about the school, you may refer to the presentation documents on the following link:

SDPS Open House Slides 2018.pdf