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Our P5 students and 17 staff members participated in the NE Show at the Marina Bay floating platform on Saturday, 21 July 2018. The theme for NDP 2018 is “We are Singapore”. It defines the Singapore Spirit, invoking the strength and resilience which built Singapore and empowers Singaporeans to overcome future challenges and adversities together.

We left school at 3.30 pm and reached the floating platform at 4.20 pm. The show started at 5 pm and this year’s show was amazing with the Pre-parade, the Parade and Ceremony, the Show and the Grand Finale.

The students enjoyed the Red Lions and the fireworks very much. The celebrative atmosphere was clearly evident throughout the show as our students enjoyed and cheered the spectacular performances put up by all the participants.

When it was time for the students to take our Pledge and sing the National Anthem, they did it with pride and gusto. Our students and staff really had a good time at the show.

Highlights of Show

The show ended at about 8.30 pm and the P5 cohort reached school safely by 10 pm. It was truly an enjoyable and memorable night for all students and staff who went for the show.

On behalf of everyone from the Springdale Family, we would like to wish Singapore a Happy 53rd Birthday!