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Mother Tongue Fortnight

The use of Mother Tongue Language (MTL) beyond the classroom is critical to making our MTL a living language for our students. Mother Tongue Fortnight (MTFN) was put in place to create an environment that encourages students to use their MTL in authentic situations so that students would appreciate the heritage & culture associated with the language. 

In 2017, the MTFN was carried out in the first two weeks of Term 3 to encourage our students to actively learn MTL & the associated culture & to experience MTL as ‘living languages’. 

For CL, the students were exposed to Festivals, Myths, Tang Poetry, Chinese Performing Arts & Xin Yao to appreciate the Chinese culture. 
          MTFN CL

For ML, the students were exposed to Traditional Living, Literature Appreciation, Visual & Performing Arts & Early Malay Language & Literature to appreciate the Malay culture. 
          MTFN ML

For TL, the students were exposed to Literature Appreciation, Traditional Practices, Traditional Indian Visual Arts & Diaspora of Indians from India to Singapore to appreciate the Indian culture.
          MTFN TL