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International Friendship Day

On Mon 15 April 2019, our school commemorated International Friendship Day (IFD). The theme is “Connected Communities” and the IFD activity focus was on ‘Making Friends’.

A week prior to the commemoration, folk songs from Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand were introduced to the students during their recesses on Tuesday. On Wednesday and Thursday recesses, Springdalites, with the help of our school Parent Volunteers, made and decorated their own bookmarks. On the bookmark, four different languages of ‘Hello, please to meet you’ were printed on the bookmarks so that students can learn simple ‘Making Friends’ phrases in the four languages.

During our assembly program, our school choir performed a Filipino folk song to share on its culture. To have the students better understand about the challenges faced by international students new to a local school, a skit was put up by Singapore Kindness Movement. The skit started off with Captain Seng receiving a new mission by the Headquarters of Kindness, to address an issue about foreigner and local integration. The conflict started with a misunderstanding between Satoshi, a transfer student from Japan, trying to fit in and David, the class monitor, who does not understand Satoshi’s culture, which led to many misunderstandings. Captain Seng and some of our Springdalites tried to mediate the situation, at the same time, helping David to find kindness within. 

IFD encourages our students to forge good relationships with fellow schoolmates from different countries. With rapid globalisation, it will be important for our Springdalites to be acquainted with friends who have different traditions, languages, cultures and histories.