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International Friendship Day

The school commemorated International Friendship Day (IFD) on Mon, 9 Apr 18. The theme for IFD this year is “Celebrating the ASEAN Community”. With Singapore being the Chair for ASEAN & leading the celebration for ASEAN’s 51st anniversary in 2018, the commemoration of IFD in school hopes to inspire our young to play an active role in fostering economic & people-to-people ties, reinforcing our sense of togetherness & strengthening our ASEAN identity through greater openness & mutual inter-dependence.

In Springdale Pri, there were a number of activities planned to achieve the above objectives:

  • CCE lessons: Mother Tongue teachers carried out IFD packages & display student’s reflections on the school’s GREAT wall.
  • Recess activities: Students showed their appreciation to their classmates by making appreciation cards. They also learnt to say ‘Thank You’ in various languages.
  • School Assembly: During Assembly, our teachers shared on the cultural do’s & don’ts of the different ASEAN countries. Students were also exposed to songs in various languages.

Through the various activities, students were able to understand Singapore’s relations with our neighbouring countries. Knowing the cultural do’s & don’ts of our neighbouring countries will help our students interact better with individuals from these countries.