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Commemoration of National Day

The school commemorated National Day (ND) on 8 August 2019. The theme this year is “Our Singapore”. The emphasis on “Our” represents collective ownership of every Singaporean, for we are never done building Singapore. It is every generation’s duty to keep on building, for our children, and for our future, to co-create the next Singapore Story.

At Springdale Primary School, National Day celebration is the climax to our commemoration of the 4 NE events with the focus on strengthening relations internally with neighbourliness and how everyone plays a part in the making as well as growth of Our Singapore. This year also marks the 200th anniversary of Sir Stamford Raffles’ arrival in Singapore – a key milestone in our rich and storied history.


A week prior to the commemoration of ND, community singing of National Day songs and Singapore folk songs were sang both during pre-assembly and various recesses. Students also learnt more about ND via CCE lessons conducted by the Mother Tongue Teachers.


The ND concert commenced with the singing of ND and Singapore Folk songs, led by our very own song leaders. This was followed by a sharing of the ND 2019 logo, the contributions of four other pioneers and early settlers other than Sir Stamford Raffles.


We also had performances by three of our performing arts CCA groups namely, the international dance, choir and ukulele. Our International Dance performance infused elements from Malay, Indian and Chinese dance, just like how the different cultures and traditions make Singapore truly vibrant and unique. The Springdale Choir presented a special choral arrangement of two ND songs. Lastly, our Springdale Ukulele performed a ND and Folk song to end off the celebration in the hall with their melodious medley of the local folk songs.


Through this celebration, we hope that our students will understand how each of us is in some way connected to and intertwined with others in the shaping of ‘Our Singapore’. 2019 could be the time for us to explore how our past has formed us, discover what this means for our future, and find our way for the future to come