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Children’s Day Celebrations

As part of Children’s Day celebrations this year, the school organised a number of fun and meaningful activities for the various levels. 

 P1, P2 and MOE Kindergarten (MK) students experienced the Aesthetics Carnival whereby students were exposed to various elements of Music & Art like singing and craft-making. After recess, the P1 and P2 students continued with their Jump Jam dance in the hall. 

 P3 and P4 students were involved in the Captain’s Ball and Catchball Games Carnival. Students were excited and thrilled to pit their fundamental motor skills as well as games concepts learnt during PE, against students from other classes. Through the games, they learnt perseverance, sportsmanship and teamwork. They were also involved in the Jump Jam dance towards the end of the day.

P5 and P6 students participated in Values-In-Action (VIA) programmes. The P5 students were involved in packing and arranging the food items donated for the Food From the Heart (FFTH) programme. In collaboration with South-East CDC, P6 students participated in the Walk For Rice (WFR) programme, which aimed to raise rice for the needy families.   Through the walk, South-East CDC targets to achieve 50,000 km & earn 500,000 bowls of white rice & brown rice to benefit approximately 7,000 underprivileged families. Through these programmes, the school hopes to encourage students to demonstrate the values of Responsibility & Care towards the communities they are in.

P5 and P6 students were also engaged in the school’s Applied Learning Programme (ALP) after the VIA programmes. In their teams, P5 students had to build the Tallest Tower using only paper materials while the P6 students were involved in the Suspension Challenge – to use blown balloons as a platform for students to suspend themselves on. The projects challenged students to think out of the box, test boundaries and to work collaboratively in teams to achieve a common objective.