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Achievement Day 2018

Congratulations to all prize winners. 

Primary 1 Prize Winners
P1 Prize Winners.JPG
Primary 2 Prize Winners
P2 Prize Winners.JPG
Primary 3 Prize Winners
P3 Prize Winners.JPG
Primary 4 Prize Winners
P4 Prize Winners.JPG
Primary 5 Prize Winners
P5 Prize Winners.JPG
Primary 6 Prize Winners
P6 Prize Winners.JPG

Star Springdalites Semester 2

Congratulations to all the Star Springdalites. May you continue to soar. 

Primary 1
P1 Sem 2.jpg
Primary 2P2 Sem 2.jpg
Primary 3
P3 Sem 2.jpeg
Primary 4
P4 Sem 2.jpeg
Primary 5
P5 Sem 2.JPG
Primary 6
P6 Sem 2.jpg

National Level Inter-School Malay Essay Writing Competition, “Karya Minda Kreatif 2018”

EDN-Media Consultant Pte Ltd organised a National Level Inter-School Malay Essay Writing Competition, “Karya Minda Kreatif 2018” for primary school students.

The objectives of this competition are:

1. To provide the opportunity for students to showcase their talents.

2. To instill confidence in writing composition.

3. To sharpen students’ writing skills & techniques.

4. To encourage the creative and fun learning of the Malay Language.

We are proud to announce that our students won 2 silver awards and 4 bronze awards. 

Congratulations to our Springdale budding writers for their effort and achievement!

The students are:




Luqman ‘Aqil Bin Abdul Hamid



Izzah Ilyana Binte Imran



Rian Nur Afiqah Bte Jasman



Hannah Umairah Binte Muhammad Herman



Safiyah Naedirah Binte Ahmad Junaedi



Luthfiah Amani Binte Roslan



Star Springdalites Semester 1

Congratulations to all the Star Springdalites. May you continue to soar. 

Primary 1
Sem 1 P1.jpg

Primary 2

Sem 1 P2.jpg

Primary 3

Sem 1 P3.jpg

Primary 4

Sem 1 P4.jpg

Primary 5

Sem 1 P5.jpg

Primary 6

Sem 1 P6.jpg

Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation and Celebrations 2018

Singapore Youth Festival 2018 Celebrations

The Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Celebrations is an annual event organised by the Ministry of Education (MOE) for students to showcase their talents, artistic expression and creative voice. The spirit and essence of the SYF are centred on encouraging our youth to discover their talents in the arts and provide them with diverse opportunities to learn, collaborate, grow and engage with the community. 

Logo Design Contest

A Logo Design Contest was held as part of SYF 2018 Celebrations to create an iconic identity for SYF 2018. Our school had submitted 3 artworks and they were awarded the Certificates of Participation.

Arts Presentation (AP)

Our CCA Choir and International Dance took part in the SYF AP for the first time and they were awarded the Certificates of Accomplishment!

Well done, Springdalites!


SYF 2018 Choir.jpeg

International Dance

SYF 2018 ID.jpg

Ops BACA Programme 2018 (Dramatization ML Competition)

Bukit Batok East CC (Malay Activity Executive Committees) with the support of MLLPC Malay Language Learning and Promotion Committee has organised the Ops BACA programme for primary school students on 14 Aprl 2018. The programme aimed at heightening awareness and excite pupils on reading habits. The programme comprised of 3 categories targeting the Primary 2, Primary 3 and Primary 4 levels. 

Our school sent 3 teams to participate in this programme. We are proud to announce that the following students have won the consolation prizes. Congratulations to everyone!

Ayuni Binte AzahmanPrimary 2
Aqeel Eusof Bin Rosli Primary 2 
 Muhammad Aqil Aiman Bin Muhammad Bin Muhammad HashimPrimary 2 
Muhammad ‘Ariiq Zharif Bin Zulhirman
Primary 3
Luqman’ Aqil Bin Abdul Hamid
Primary 3
Firdaus Bin Ridzwan  Primary 4
 Muhammad RafaelPrimary 4 
 Hanna Binte Muhammad Al HafidzPrimary 4 
 Tiara Nabielah Primary 4
 Alysha Adryana Binte Darvin Primary 4

ops baca.jpeg