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National Malay Writing Competition and Juara Cilik 2017

Pusat Bahasa Nusa in conjunction with the Malay Language Month 2017 (Bulan Bahasa 2017) organised a National Malay Writing Competition 2017 “Peraduan Saya Boleh Mengarang’ for primary school students.

The objectives of this competition are :

(a)  To provide an opportunity for students to show their talent in writing.

(b)  To improve student’s confidence in their writing. 

Congratulations to our Springdale budding writers, the proud recipients

Name Class Award
Tiara Naebilah Binte Ahmad Junaedi   3D Perak 
Hannah Umairah Binte Muhammad Herman   4P  Gangsa
Nur Hanis Binte Ruzaini  5In  Gangsa 
Izz Nawawi Bin Ridzwan  5P  Gangsa  
Safiyah Naedirah Binte Ahmad Junaedi   5D Gangsa  



Nusantara World Music in conjunction with the Malay Language Month 2017 (Bulan Bahasa 2017) organised a Malay Language folk songs competition ‘Juara Si Cilik’ for Primary 1 to 3 students.

The objective of this competition is :

(a) To expose students to the Malay culture through traditional folk songs while having fun.

Two of our students represented the school.We are proud of these students who represented our school.

Name Class
Amelia Batrisyia Binte Yusnaem 2P
Alysha Adryana Bte Darvin 3P

NCAC 2017 Competition

Our Cyber-Wellness Ambassadors, made up of P4 & P5 students, participated in the National Cyber-Wellness Advocacy Challenge (NCAC) 2017. The challenge aims to:
  • reach out to parents with the voices of children and youths.
  • empower youth advocates and impart Cyber-Wellness principles and values. 
  • engage parents with practical parental strategies through a Cyber-Wellness for Parents app.

Our ambassadors created awareness resources and video on a popular online video “Minecraft” and an augmented reality game “Pokemon Go”. Their work has been featured in the mobile application “SG ConneXion” which is available in both Google Play and Apple App Store. A total of 412 primary and secondary students from 62 schools in Singapore participated in the competition and 6 teams were selected for the finals for the primary school category.

We are proud to announce that our two teams have won the 1st and 3rd prizes in the primary school category respectively.
Team 1 - 3rd prize winners.jpg
3rd Prize Winners in the NCAC primary school category consist of:
1. Evan Lim Dingxun, P4
2. Lakshminarayan Diya, P4
3. Pan Siyun, Audrielle, P4
4. Hoo Si Ting, Ariel, P5
5. Ong Chen Kai, John, P5

Team 2 - 1st prize winners.jpg
1st Prize Winners in the NCAC primary school category consist of:
1. Rayne Cheong Yun Hao, P4
2. Le Ann Lim Li En, P4
3. Castor Djese Daniel Buhat, P5
4. Chan Sao Yi, Marcus, P5
5. Tan Jia Yi Eve, P5 

Congratulations to our Cyber-wellness Ambassadors for their effort and achievement!

2017 Sustainable Singapore School Art Competition

This year, seven Green Artists Club members participated in an Art Competition, organised by PacificLight, which was supported by National Environmental Agency (NEA). The theme of the art competition was on “Being an Energy Hero”. Students drew or created a poster on what they could do on their part to reduce energy usage at home, in school or in their environment.  
We are proud to announce that the work of our student, Leow Rou En, P4R, has won the Merit Winner (Upper Primary Category). Her artwork will be featured in PacificLight’s 2018 Corporate Calendar. Congratulations to our young aspiring Green Artist!

Leow Rou En 4R.jpg

Artist’s Statement:
I want everyone to know that they can be an Energy Saving Hero. Each image in my poster portrays simple practices that we can apply in daily life. To capture the attention of my audience, I used vivid and purposeful illustrations. By saving energy, we are saving money at the same time!

National Day Awards 2017

NDA Award for SAC Chairman.jpg

Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2017 Art Exhibition

The Singapore Youth Festival 2017 Art Exhibition celebrated the artist in every child. It showcased children’s creative ideas, personal aspirations and hard work put into artistic expressions. This year’s exhibition was a tribute to the deep learning and rich experience our students gain through the art curriculum in schools. 

The theme for this year “Artist and Space” invites our student artists to imagine, inquire and discover many ways to interpret and express the concept of ‘space’. In the process, they found inspiration from people, places and objects within their environment and created artworks that were personal and meaningful to them.

This year, our school submitted 2 artworks for Category B and Category C respectively for the Art Exhibition. The submission for Category C has been awarded with 
Certificate of Recognition and was exhibited during the Singapore Youth Festival 2017 Art Exhibition.

All the artworks can be viewed via the Online Gallery within the SYF Website:

SYF Art Exhibition (Category B) ~ Certificate of Participation

Title Our Space ~ Singapore
SYF Art Exhibition (Category B).jpg
1. Chen Xintian, P4D
2. Ephraim Ong, P4D
3. Jovine Ng Rui Qi, P4D
4. Peh Zheng Rui, P4D
5. Ritesh Spinaag, P4D
6. Wynna Koh, P4D
Artists' Statement The little dot on the Singapore map, which is the physical space that we live in, represents us - the future. We form both the ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ spaces in Singapore. These spaces are important because they influence and mould us. We are greatly affected by everything that happens. 
Guiding Teacher Mdm Siti Ashlinda 
Teacher's Statement Students’ artwork is a minimalistic ideology of them being a part of their physical space – Singapore. Through discussions and explorations, students unpacked the definition of ‘Space’ and decided to narrow down to the positive and negative spaces as they loved the simple yet concrete characteristics of the elements.

SYF Art Exhibition (Category C) ~ Certificate of Recognition

Title Our Audio Space 
SYF Art Exhibition (Category C).jpg
1.Clarice Lau, P5D
2. John Ong, P5D
3. Kushagra Kesarwani, P5D
4. Lim Jie Yi, Darius, P5D
5. Ng Si Teng, P5G
6. Teng Zixin, P5D
7. Tiffany Ho, P5D
8. Wyvin Koh, P5G
Artists' Statement Through an abstract headphone, we experience audio space in this vast world. Audio is made out of frequency and pitch that fills up our physical space. The doodles represent different sounds that we hear. Despite the unlimited doodles, we do have boundaries and ‘roadblocks’ that prevent us from hearing everything.
Guiding Teacher Mdm Siti Ashlinda 
Teacher's Statement Students’ artwork depicts their exploration of the ideology of virtual and real spaces. The canvases are the intended real space while the doodle depiction of sound is the virtual space. The canvases are intended to have a five-centimetre gap to show the boundaries that preclude them.

Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2017 Theme Motif Design & Theme Song Writing Contest

The Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) is an annual event organised by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to celebrate the diverse arts talents and achievements of our youths. The SYF 2017 is envisioned as an opportunity for students to discover their personal voices and share them with the community through artistic expressions. The theme for SYF 2017 is Youth HeARTS! which encapsulates the spirit of presenting the arts from the hearts of youth. The arts form a significant part of our youth as reflected in the embedding of the word ‘ARTS’ within ‘HeARTS’. 

Theme Motif Design

No. Name of Student Class Artist Statement
1 Winning Work_Krystal Ong
Krystal Ong Shi Qi
The heart represents all the exuberant and lively hearts of all youths in the world. Likewise, the words ‘Youth Hearts’ is coloured in an assortment of colours to depict the many youths around, their wide range of races, characters and temperaments. We have young people all over the world too. The ‘butterflies’ is a reminder that youth means freedom; free like the butterflies. The three brushes show the magnitude and kinds of arts that can be explored. I chose a pink background as pink means happiness and being young.
2   Teo Wei Chong Art
 Teo Wei Chong
The boy is representative of all the youth in this world. He is in a simple attire of T-shirt and jeans because art is simple and casual. The heart has extra layers of light pink and dark pink to show a ripple effect. The ripple effect is indicative that there are many countries in the world and art can be shared among so many countries. The sharing can go round and round and there’s always something to learn and pass on. I colour the inside of the heart in orange as the orange colour is associated with the hot sun rays of the everlasting sun. I thought of the orange sun within the heart as art is everlasting and the love of art can be passed from one generation to another. 
3   Chua Jia En Work
 Chua Jia En
The two persons in the drawing represent people at large, who help each other to grow and love, especially in the world of art. Each person wears a pink heart as the young, enjoys the pink of health, so we should appreciate people around us and respect everyone, in our pursuit of life and learning. I drew the heart with an opening at the top because we are always growing, so the gap is to allow for consistent growth. The vines at the tip of the heart symbolize growing vines or growing lives, always moving forward. The big blue-coloured heart is the world, a loving world in the blue of the sea. 
Sashvita Art
 Sashvita Vaganapathy
There are three hearts joined together to show that the love of art can be linked together, that people can join together to let as many people as possible know about art and come to love art. It’s an endless chain of sharing. The three hearts is like a jigsaw puzzle, as many jigsaw pieces have to be placed together to form a complete picture and the love of art can come together when many people or pieces co-operate together. In this way, the knowledge of art will grow. We may be like, just one small piece of jigsaw puzzle, insignificant and can be easily overlooked. However, if we unite together, we can make our voices heard; we can make our love of art noticed, appreciated and respected more. The three hearts are brightly coloured to show that art comes in a variety of hues and values.
5   Tan Sze Ting Art
Tan Sze Ting
My motif was derived from a human body movement. It portrays the energetic and burning spirits of the youth. Yellow was chosen to portray the vibrancy in each individual. The hearts were depicted in the form of a clover, where four hearts are joined together without any gaps in between them. Besides showing the good hearts of the youth, it also indicates that there is no challenges that could prevent the youth from pursuing their passions. The two red hearts indicates the passions of the Arts. It was intentionally drawn in opposite directions to show that there are ups and downs in making Arts. There will be moments when our Arts are rejected but we should not let them stop us from striving forward. The globe head indicates the dream of attaining beyond the boundaries and keep the spirits alive at all time. 
6 Tiffany Ho Art
Tiffany Ho Ting Chien
The centre of my motif is a heart that represents every youth. I used red as my base colour as it symbolises the passion and love of the youth. The broken lines were derived from a firework display to portray the burning energy and motivation of attaining the youth’s individual dreams in the Arts. It also aims to show the growth of the youth as they gets older and start spreading their wings to reach further. From another perspective, the broken lines could be seen being contained and drawn back to the heart. This is to show that the youth would always remember their roots and cherish their memories of every single journey. Yellow and orange symbolise the optimism and cheerfulness of the youth. Pink portrays the spirit of nurturing the youth hearts in doing everything with love and sincerity.
Teng Zi Xin Art
Teng Zi Xin
The human motif symbolises the youth. Blue was chosen to exhibit the inner security and confidence of each individual youth to pursue their passion and dreams. Similar to the characteristic of water, the youth would keep their spirit alive in creating the Arts. The act of holding on to the string of heart indicates that each youth has the determination and autonomy to take charge of their passion and dreams. They would also allow themselves to fly like a kite to seek the sky. The compartmentalised hearts try to portray the different areas that the youth feel and face within themselves. It also includes the deep interest in the Arts. Red and purple were chosen to blend various traits and values within the youth self. Red portray the energy, passion, action and determination to strive forward while purple shows the imagination and creativity of the youth while creating the Arts. 
Wyvin Koh Art
Wyvin Koh Wei Ning
My motif embraces the youth with a heart. It shows the youth having a common dream and passion for the Arts. The hearts represents the youth working and living in harmony. Within the heart, there are three youth wearing black and pink costume dancing in joy. The black shade also outlined the acronym for Singapore Youth Festival, ‘SYF’. It is to indicate the centre stage where the different youth comes together to showcase their Arts. Pink was used to symbolise the love and passion for the Arts from the hearts. Yellow signifies the cheerfulness and energy of the youth. 

Music & Lyrics composition

The following is music & lyrics composed by our student, Wong Zhen Wei, from P4S titled: Hearts of the Youth.

Hearts of the Youth

* (Every youth is wonderful, every Youth is beautiful
They can touch your heart and make you smile
Come and celebrate with us, friends from far and near,
Let us join our hands! 

Wonderful is Singapore, Beautiful is Singapore,
We are proud to call her our home
Every youth is free to live, to create and dream
Let Music fill our lives. )

Repeat *

Youthful hearts are shining bright
Lighting up our Singapore
Within every youth, Art can be found
Waiting to be opened up

Every youth is wonderful, every youth is beautiful
They can touch your heart and make you smile
Come and celebrate with us, friends from far and near,
Let us join our hands! 

**Wonderful is Singapore, Beautiful is Singapore,
We are proud to call her our home
Every youth is free to live, to create and dream
Let Music fill our lives.

Repeat **