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Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2016 Theme Motif Design Contest, YOUTHforia!

As part of its 50th anniversary, the SYF Theme Motif Design Contest, themed YOUTHforia!, was recently held to encourage students to be part of the celebration. An overwhelming 1569 entries were received from 143 schools across primary school, secondary school and junior college/centralised institute levels. These entries were judged on their Originality, Aesthetic Qualities/ Visual Appeal and Relevance to the theme. The winning motif design will be featured in the SYF 2016 publications and collaterals which will acknowledge the motif designer.

Springdale Primary submitted three entries and one of it, by   Samantray Lavani of Primary 3 Discernment,   came in as one of the Top 6 Finalists. 
Top 6 Finalist ~ Samantray Lavani, P3 Discernment

  The rainbow and the musical notes show the colourful and lively rhythm of life. The different coloured figures in the circular rainbow show the presence of teamwork among the youth. It also indicates a common platform where the youth meet and exchange their ideas to achieve their goals.

SYF Motif Design

National Cyber-wellness Advocacy Challenge (NCAC) 2016

In 2016, our P4 Cyber-wellness Ambassadors participated in the National Cyber-wellness Advocacy Challenge (NCAC) 2016. The challenge aims to:
1. Empower youth advocates of Cyber-wellness in engaging parents on Cyber-wellness issues.
2. Impart Cyber-wellness principles and values to the youth advocates.
3. Equip parents with practical parental strategies through a mobile application.

Our Cyber-wellness Ambassadors created awareness resources and video on a popular multi-player game, “Minecraft”. Their work has been featured in the mobile application, “SG ConneXion” which is available in both Google Play and Apple App Store. A total of 459 primary and secondary students from 73 schools in Singapore participated in the competition and 16 finalists were selected for the finals. 

We are proud to announce that the P4 Cyber-wellness Ambassadors team is the overall champion in the primary school category! 


Congratulations to the following Cyber-wellness Ambassadors for their effort and achievement:
1. Tan Jia Yi, Eve
2. Ong Chen Kai, John
3. Hoo Si Ting, Ariel
4. Chan Sao Yi, Marcus
5. Castor Djese Daniel Buhat

National Malay Writing Competition 2016

In conjunction with Bulan Bahasa 2016, Pusat Bahasa Nusa organised a National Writing Competition 2016 ‘Saya Boleh Mengarang’ for primary school students.

The objectives of this competition are:
- To provide students with a platform to show their talent in writing
- To improve student’s confidence in writing

Congratulations to our Springdale budding writers, the proud recipients of the following results.

National Malay Writing Competition 2016.jpg

Name Award
Izzah Ilyana Binte Imran Silver
Thaqif Mrza Bin Saifulbahri    Silver
Tiara Naebilah Binte Ahmad Junaedi   Silver
 Iffah Batrisyia Binte Mohammad Khairudin  Bronze
Safiyah Naedirah Binte Ahmad Junaedi