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National Bilingual Storytelling Competition 2013

Congratulations to Han Yi Heng from P1 Discernment!

National Bilingual Storytelling 13
Despite being the youngest of the 22 participants under his category, he has come in a commendable 7th position in the National Bilingual Storytelling Competition 2013 (Lower Primary Category), jointly organised by National Library Board and Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism.

This competition, held on Sat, 27 Jul 13, aims to create opportunities for children to develop their presentation skills in English and their Mother Tongue Language. It is an inter-primary school competition opened to all pupils from Primary 1 to 6. With this experience under his belt, we are confident that Yi Heng will perform even better whilst encouraging more pupils to participate in the other competitions in the coming future.

Singapore Youth Festival 2013 Art Exhibition

A group of Primary 1 pupils, led by Mrs Angeline Teo, completed an Artwork titled Our Kaleidoscopic World.

The Artwork was exhibited during the Singapore Youth Festival 2013 Art Exhibition.

Title of artwork: Our Kaleidoscopic World

What will our world be like seen through the lens of the kaleidoscope?
We imagine the world around us to be an exciting place.
It is made up of people of different cultures and races that make the whole place diverse, yet lively.

Our Kaleidoscopic World - SYF Exhibition.jpg
Pupils involved in the creation of the Artwork:
Pranati Bhatt (P1 Initiative)
Tiffany Ho (P1 Generosity)
Goh Xin Yu (P1 Alertness)
Angel Titus (P1 Patience)