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Student Care Centre

Updated 27 Jun 2013

The school-based Student Care Centre (SCC) is a feature of the new PERI infrastructural norms. The SCC is about the size of 2 classrooms (180 sq. m) and it will have a capacity of about 50 pupils. The centre began operation in Jan 2013.

After careful consideration of staff competency, the type of programmes offered as well as the fees charged, the school has selected Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) of Singapore to operate the SCC. In accordance to MCYS guidelines, the basic programme comprises the following:

  • Meals (lunch and tea)
  • Supervised study time
  • Bath time
  • Group activities

Here are the contact information of our SCC operator:

Company Name : Young Men's Christian Association of Singapore
Address: One Orchard Road Singapore 238824
 Office Tel: 63153074 
Centre Supervisor: Ms Audrey Yang 
Contact Tel:  98357896 
Email: sdscc@ymca.edu.sg 
Website: www.ymca.org.sg/cdcscc/