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SCSA (Schools) Competition

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Springdale Primary is hosting our first ever school-based Sony Creative Science Award (SCSA) (Schools) Competition. This school-based competition is jointly organised by the Science Centre Singapore and the Sony Group of Companies in Singapore, with the support of the Ministry of Education.

SCSA (Schools) Competition is optional but highly encouraged for interested students who love Science and have the passion in exploratory and skillful play and creation of a toy based on scientific concepts/principles. The best toy entries will be shortlisted for the SCSA competition and will stand to win attractive prizes.

Interested participants, please refer to the following for details on the competition.

A.  How to Participate in the SCSA (Schools) Competition:

1. Register your interest by filling up the online form at this link 

(latest by 26 June): https://form.gov.sg/5ece3aeb680cf40012d45613. Competition is open for individual entry only.  

2. Start toy-making at home. Download the SCSA (Schools) Competition Entry form and Toy instruction Manual (Section B) and complete them.

3. Submit completed toy placed inside a box with cover (for safe transportation), together with (1) SCSA (Schools) Competition Entry Form and (2) Toy Instruction Manual  to the school’s Makerspace from 27-29 Jul, Mon-Wed during recess time. Please email the respective teachers-in-charge if you need to arrange for your toy to be submitted at a different time. Deadline for submission is 29 July, Wed.

B. Downloads

1.  SCSA (Schools) Competition Entry Form 2020.pdf 

2.  Toy Instructions Manual.docx /  Toy Instructions Manual.pdf 

C. Important things to note:

1.  All toy entries will qualify for the SCSA (Schools) Competition within Springdale. Only the best toy entries will be submitted to the SCSA competition. Registration for the SCSA competition is only through the school.

2.  Compulsory items to submit:

a. completed toy (placed inside a sturdy box with cover)

b. SCSA (Schools) Competition Entry Form

c. Toy Instruction Manual 

3. Important dates to note:



by 26 June

Register interest to participate by filling up the online form: https://form.gov.sg/5ece3aeb680cf40012d45613

27-29 July

Bring completed toy to school, placed inside a sturdy box with cover.

Submit the toy together with (1) SCSA (Schools) Competition Entry Form and (2) Toy Instruction Manual to Makerspace during recess time. 

4. For further queries, please email to Ms Shereen Seah (email: seah_hui_ling_shereen@moe.edu.sg ) or Madam Teng Yan Ling (email: teng_yan_ling@moe.edu.sg )

D.  Links to SCSA Competition and ideas for toy-making:

1. SCSA Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SonyCreativeScienceAward/

2. SCSA info page: https://www.science.edu.sg/for-schools/competitions/sony-creative-science-award

3. SCSA Resource Cloud Drive: https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21AP8%5FfgSaH%5FsGmAk&id=F958843BC175CA4D%2151054&cid=F958843BC175CA4D