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Primary 1 Programmes


The domain on I Can! Programme is designed to develop students’ competence in self-management, social interaction and independence in navigating beyond their classrooms. It consists of 3 modules and each module spans over 3 lessons. Module 1 on Life Skills teaches students the fundamentals of self-management and social awareness as they are taught the basic skills of keeping the environment clean, goal-setting and financial literacy. Module 2 on Information & Communication Technology (ICT) seeks to develop students to be responsible decision makers through being competent and confident users of ICT, focusing first of all on the basic skills of handling a lap-top and the login process. Module 3 on Effective Collaboration helps students learn the principles of social-awareness and relationship management as they learn to cooperate and collaborate effectively during group work. The programme is facilitated by both FT and CFT and students are provided with authentic tools for effective learning.


Junior Explorer  provides a platform for students to experience the outdoors and equip them with the necessary intrapersonal and interpersonal skills as they go about working in their teams. The content covered is a spiral progression from Primary 1 to 2 and includes topics such as Caring for Our Environment, Appreciating Nature and First Aid. Some examples of the skills which the students are equipped with are packing right for the activity, orienteering, map reading, using a compass and knot-tying.   

As lessons for Junior Explorer are conducted in the outdoors, students are brought regularly to the butterfly garden, herb and spice garden, field, maze and the eco-pond and engaged in multi-sensory activities which will heighten their senses to the surroundings. Being able to observe animals and plants in their natural settings also allows them to experience life beyond textbooks and appreciate nature for what it is. Through constant exposure to the outdoors, students become more confident to work in natural settings.


Junior Sculptor  focuses on students exploring with various art medium to express themselves creatively. Primary 1 students learn to express their feelings and emotions using colours. They learn how different colours are associated with different moods and emotions. From this, students are led to understand how they can manage their emotions and feelings better, reinforcing the SE competency of self-awareness. The lesson on Body Talk serves to inform students that different body postures convey different moods. Students are led to understand how certain behaviour and postures denote their emotions and how they respond to certain situations, leading them to discover how they can better handle themselves positively.


The domain on  Junior Artistes  focuses on the incorporation of drama and music for the Primary 1 & 2 level respectively. For Primary 1 Drama, role-play is used as a strategy to allow students to safely explore options of behaviour and the consequences in the fictional world. The collaborative learning environment builds the students’ self- and social-awareness as they learn how to manage their emotions and reactions in social settings. Students also practice responsible decision-making when they have to discuss the choices the fictional characters have to make.  

At Primary 2, music learning is weaved into PAL lessons. These include the exploration of musical elements and concepts such as metre, dynamics and tempo, with certain focused SEL skills and competencies in mind. Students acquire the musical concepts through listening, singing, dancing, performing and most importantly, music-making. Through these activities, students will be able to enhance their musicianship through music composition, percussive & instrumental playing experiences and group discussion and collaboration. At the same time, the knowledge and skills acquired and developed are underpinned by values that will shape and define the students’ characters, attitudes and beliefs.