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P3 After-School Enrichment Programmes (Optional)

The school has arranged for the following enrichment programmes to provide Primary 3 students with varied learning opportunities and exposure across disciplines. These programmes, which are optional, will take place after school:
After-school Enrichment Programmes (Optional) Time
P3 Critical & Creative Thinking in Maths
Through engaging and interesting activities, aligned to the P3 Mathematics syllabus, this programme seeks to improve students’ attitudes, skills and knowledge towards Mathematics. It provides students with opportunities to exhibit the necessary thinking skills to refine and apply their Maths knowledge to various real-life situations. There would also be avenues where students explore creative ways to solve non-routine types of Mathematics problems. This programme serves to help students improve their understanding of basic Mathematics concepts and the application of their understanding.
P3 Math Enrichment.jpg
Semester 1
 Thursday afternoons
 2pm - 3pm
P3 Athletics
The programme aims to develop student’s fundamental movement skills with the curriculum centred on run, jump & throw. The basic components of athletics will be introduced in a fun approach through games, age-appropriate instructions & challenges. Examples of skills learnt would include basic hurdling techniques, jumping for distance & height over obstacles, activities that develop speed & agility as well as throwing a variety of equipment.
P3 Athletics Enrichment.jpg

P3 Digital Manga Art 
The programme aims to instill in students creativity and the skill sets to create manga digital illustrations using digital drawing tablets & software programme. Manga, a Japanese Comic, is a popular form of comic art culture & animation worldwide. It is also one of the fastest growing illustration styles for digital media, animation & comic. The art form has its unique features, characters, stories, Japanese culture & creative works. 
P3 Digital Manga Art Enrichment.jpg
Semester 2
 Thursday afternoons
 2pm to 3pm
P3 Mind Mapping
Mind Mapping is a simple yet powerful tool that can be used to help students improve their academic learning and achievements. It harnesses the full range of cortical skills - word, image, number, logic, rhythm, colour and spatial awareness, and the skills acquired can be applied to almost all areas of one's life such as project planning, improved memory and greater self-confidence. In this programme, students will learn how to use mind mapping skills in Science as well as Reading Comprehension. There will be ample opportunities for hands-on experience.
P3 Mind Mapping Enrichment.jpeg