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P2 Co-Curriculum

The school has planned a series of co-curriculum programmes to provide Primary 2 students with varied learning opportunities across disciplines so that they are exposed to a wide variety of learning experiences. This broad-based learning experience will encourage them to try out new things and at the same time allow them to develop their talents in different fields. It serves as an important springboard to co-curricular activities which all students go through from P3 onwards. The various co-curriculum programmes for Primary 2 students, which will take place during curriculum time, are as follows:

P2 Co-Curriculum Programmes
Teacher in-Charge : Mrs Chan Cheng Guan (CL) , Mdm Ahad (ML), Mrs Gayatri Roy (TL)

Young Artiste (Chinese/Malay/Tamil Language) Programme

This programme hopes to instil in students a love & appreciation for the Mother Tongue Language and the arts through experiential activities. It also serves to develop students’ confidence, self-esteem and social skills. Students will learn listening, understanding and communication skills through fun activities.

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P2 Young Artiste Enrichment P2A(CL), P2In(CL), P2P(CL) (Part 1)
P2 Young Artiste Enrichment P2P(CL) (Part 2), P2D(CL) & P2A(CL)

Basic Conversation (Chinese/Malay Language) Programme
Teacher in-Charge : Ms Ong Bee Hua
This programme is for students taking NTIL & Asian Languages. The Mother Tongue teachers will carry out 10 conversational Chinese and Malay lessons for the students. The objective of the programme is to strengthen bonds among students of different races. Lessons are designed to be fun, which enable them to converse in the new language at a basic level. We hope students will be able to communicate better with their friends of other races using the language they have learnt.

Young T(h)inkers Programme
Teacher-in-charge :
Mdm Azila

Adopting a fun, creative and hands-on approach to learning Math and Science, this programme is designed to help students better visualize and understand concepts in an enjoyable and engaging manner. This programme also exposes students to the different scientific themes that allow them to relate to their everyday experiences. Using the basic process skills that are taught during the programme, students will have the opportunity to develop the skills, habits of mind and attitudes necessary for inquiry learning. During the course of the programme, students will also be making toys which employ different mathematical and scientific principles.