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P1 Co-Curriculum

The school has planned a series of Co-Curriculum Programmes (CCP) to provide Primary 1 students with varied learning opportunities across disciplines so that they are exposed to a wide variety of learning experiences. This broad-based learning experience will encourage them to try out new things and at the same time, allow them to develop their talents in different fields. It serves as an important springboard to Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) which all students go through from Primary 3 onwards. The various CCP for Primary 1, which will take place during curriculum time, are as follows:

P1 Co-Curriculum Programmes

Teacher in-charge
: Miss Daphne Tang
Young Gymnast Programme
Gymnastics is a sport that requires students to work all muscles in their body to strengthen as well as to learn to control them. This programme seeks to improve students’ physical attributes such as strength, agility, balance, coordination & flexibility. Students will undergo fun activities to develop basic rolls, jumps, balances & sequencing them together in a simple routine. 

Teacher-in-charge :
Mdm Lee Siew Yee                                                               
Young Artiste (English Language) Programme
Young Artiste (English Language) is a speech and drama programme that focuses on building students’ confidence and competence in the use of the English Language. Through various drama techniques like role play, hot seating and freeze frames, students will develop key language skills for effective communication and expression.