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Out-of-Door Education Programme

Research have shown that learning beyond the classroom setting can improve academic achievement, make learning more engaging and relevant to students, nurture creativity, and improve students’ attitude towards learning. This is because when learning goes beyond the classroom, it is more authentic given its contextualized settings and materials. In addition to that, learning outside the classroom allows students to engage their multiple senses. By doing so, their propensity to learn, problem-solve and think creatively are also heightened.

The programme is conceptualized, designed and implemented with the school's educational philosophy of “Play.Passion.Purpose.” in mind. The programme's curriculum is anchored on hands-on, experiential learning within authentic contexts which are beyond the classroom setting. The learning packages are crafted by our own teachers based on the principles of inquiry-based learning. Students go through a 6-year spiral progression of development of skills and concepts which are executed using the instructional strategy of curriculum integration.

These are the Learning Journeys students are involved in for the various levels:

Primary 1

Term Learning Journey
1 Getting to know the school
2 Lorong Halus Wetland
P1 - Lor Halus.jpg
 3  Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

Primary 2

Term Learning Journey
1 Movie Experience
P2 - Movie.JPG
2 National Orchid Garden
 3 Pasir Ris Park Mangrove Forest
P2 - Pasir Ris.jpg

Primary 3

Term Learning Journey
1 Theatre Experience
P3 - Theatre.JPG
2 Housing & Development Board Hub
P3 - HDB Gallery.jpg
 3 Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
P3 - Sungei Buloh.JPG

Primary 4
Term Learning Journey
1 Chinatown Heritage Centre
P4 - Chinatown.JPG
2 Malay Heritage Centre
P4 - Malay Heritage Centre.JPG
 3 Little India
P4 - Little India.JPG

Primary 5

Term Learning Journey
1 Civic District (Parliament House)
P5 - Civic District.JPG
2 P5 Outdoor Adventure Camp
P5 Adventure Camp.JPG
 3 NE Show
P5 - National Day.JPG

In line with the school’s mission of engaging young minds, moulding their character and equipping them for the future, out-of-door education presents numerous opportunities for our students to situate and thereby maximize their learning in authentic contexts. Through this programme, students are able to link their own learning with the contexts they are in so that they can better appreciate the purpose of their learning and their purpose within the community. They are also better able to apply the knowledge gained in the respective subjects within these contexts.