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Co-Curriculum Activities (CCA)

As part of the school’s Co-Curriculum Programmes (CCP) to support the holistic development of students, Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) are designed to develop students’ Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge (ASK) in the cognitive, physical and aesthetics domains. CCA will also provide a common space for friendships and social integration which develop students’ sense of identity and belonging to the school. 

The objectives of CCA are to: 
1.    Provide students with a platform to discover their interests and talents.
2.    Develop specific ASK in students pertaining to the CCA.
3.    Develop character and social-emotional competencies as students interact with one another.

CCA will be carried out within the boundaries of other constraints such as manpower and available facilities. The school hopes that while providing CCA, we do not compromise on the safety of the students and quality of delivery of these programmes. As such, for each programme, even those that are taught by external coaches, teachers are always present to manage and supervise students to facilitate the learning.

 The CCA offered are based on a number of considerations:
 1.  Breadth of learning experiences of each student from P1 to P2 which includes PAL, Enrichment                    programmes and curriculum subjects.
 2.  Available facilities and resources
 3.  Providing varied domains of CCA to cater to various interests
 4.  Staff strength and manpower resources

Important points to note 

CCAs will be conducted after school on either Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays

On Mondays afternoons, students staying back for CCA will have lunch in school first before reporting for their CCA. The timing for CCA on Monday is 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm.

CCA on Tuesday and Thursday is from 2.45 pm – 4.45 pm. On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, we strongly encourage students who are not staying back for other school programmes such as ACE to return home for lunch and then report back to school at 2.40 pm.  This is to help the school in Safe Management Measures (SMM). Should your child have to remain in school for lunch on either of these 2 days, their lunch break will be staggered. 

In line with SMM, the school has planned for different levels or groups of students to report on different weeks. Students involved in CCA competitions may have more training sessions in the week to better prepare them.

No student should be loitering outside the school before the start of CCA. Disciplinary action will be taken if students are found to have committed offences outside of school in accordance to the school’s discipline policy and guidelines, including suspension from CCA.

P6 CCA in Semester 1

P6 students will have CCA only in Semester 1. 

CCA Schedule

The table below shows the spread of CCAs over these days and the CCA dates for the year 2021.



Time (Duration)




International Dance

Art Club

Inno-T(h)inkers Club



Gymnastics  (Starts 1st Feb onwards)

2 pm – 4 pm


CCA Teachers-in-charge will provide more details via Parents Gateway (PG).

School team training only for selected students.



(formerly Frisbee CCA)


Outdoor Adventure


(Starts 1st Feb onwards)


2.45 pm – 4.45 pm



Green Club

Media Club


Basketball (School team)

Badminton (School team)

International Dance

2.45 pm – 4.45 pm


2021 CCA Dates (Semester 1)

Term 1

 Monday                           Tuesday                             Thursday 

18 Jan

19 Jan

21 Jan

25 Jan

26 Jan

28 Jan

1 Feb

2 Feb

4 Feb

8 Feb

9 Feb

18 Feb

22 Feb

23 Feb

25 Feb

1 Mar

2 Mar

4 Mar

8 Mar

9 Mar

11 Mar

Term 2

 Monday                           Tuesday                             Thursday 

22 Mar

23 Mar

25 Mar

29 Mar

30 Mar

1 Apr

5 Apr

6 Apr

8 Apr

12 Apr

13 Apr

15 Apr

19 Apr

20 Apr

22 Apr

26 Apr

27 Apr

29 Apr

24 May

25 May

27 May

2021 CCA Dates (Semester 2)

Please note that face-to-face CCA will be suspended until further notice.  Thank you. (Updated on 21 July 2021)


Term 3

 Monday                                         Tuesday                                          Thursday 

28 Jun

29 Jun

1 Jul

12 Jul

6 Jul

8 Jul

19 Jul

13 Jul

15 Jul

 2 Aug

3 Aug

22 Jul

16 Aug

 17 Aug

29 Jul

30 Aug

31 Aug

5 Aug



19 Aug

Term 4

Monday                                          Tuesday                                              Thursday 

13 Sep

14 Sep


20 Sep

21 Sep

 16 Sep

27 Sep

28 Sep

  23 Sep

4 Oct

5 Oct

30 Sep

 Dates for Make-up Sessions: 
    1 Nov (Mon) 
    2 Nov (Tue) 
    11 & 18 Nov (Thu)  

 Possible School Holiday Training Dates: 
   25 & 26 Nov (2-4pm)      
   27 & 28 Dec (8-10am)  

 The respective CCA Teachers-in-charge will provide more details via Parents Gateway (PG).

CCA Guidelines

1. Each student will only be allocated 1 CCA. Participation in additional CCA may only be allowed on a              case-by-case basis.

2.  Students must remain in their CCA for the whole year. They may only change to a new CCA at the                  beginning of each year, which is subject to availability and on a case-by-case basis. All requests must         be made through email to HOD PE only at the end of the year (Term 4 Week 5). The school encourages       all students to remain in the CCA in order to deepen their skills, knowledge and friendships in the CCA.

3. Students who may be involved in future inter-school competitions may be asked to attend additional            training sessions on Monday or Thursday afternoons and/or during school holidays.

4. Students must meet at least 85% attendance criteria before their CCA participation can be recorded in        their Student Holistic Report Card.

5.  Participation in external activities for the purpose of self-enrichment or social interaction as well as             those that are already offered in school will not be considered as a CCA.

6. Student should NOT be loitering around or outside the school before the start of CCAs. Instead, they should make the best use of the time to complete their homework or self-study.

7. Should there be a request for student to participate in the National School Games (NSG) Competitions or Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) and the sport/activity is not part of the school’s CCA e.g. Wushu or Taekwondo, interest to participate must be made through email to HOD PE by end Jan 2021 and to include information on student’s level of preparation for the competition. 

List of CCA


A1ChoirThe Choir CCA aims to equip students with the fundamentals of proper vocal techniques through songs of different genres and cultures. Students will learn to develop listening, sight-reading and performing skills when they sing as an ensemble.  Singing helps students to express their emotions and creativity in a non-threatening environment. There will be opportunities for students to develop their confidence, learn to collaborate and perform at various platforms. 

Please note that auditions will be conducted to better match students to the CCA.

 A2International Dance The International Dance CCA aims to empower students to communicate and express their feelings through creative movements and ideas. In the midst of exploring different dance genres, they will also learn to appreciate different cultural perspectives. Opportunities will be given to students to display their artistic flair. Through such team work and choreography, students' confidence and poise will be developed.

 A3Ukulele The Ukulele CCA aims to nurture students with passion for the performing arts through an instrumental ensemble. Students will learn the basic techniques of ukulele-playing and develop sight-reading and ensemble skills when they perform accompaniment and ensemble pieces. There will be multiple platforms to hone and showcase the students’ ukulele-playing skills so as to build their confidence, resilience and team spirit. 
 A4Art Club The Art Club CCA aims to nurture and inspire students with artistic flair to create meaningful art. It will also be a channel for them to echo their voices in communicating and expressing self, time and place. Through the art making processes, students will sharpen foundational and creativity skills while exploring and experimenting with varied art media and materials. Mounting on the different platforms to extract their inherent talent in art, students will develop self-confidence and competencies to share their love for the art, and utilise it as an avenue to contribute to the school/community. Through the experiences, students will learn the importance of values, such as responsibility, resilience, care and respect. 

Clubs and Societies

CS1Green ClubThe Green Club CCA aims to deepen students’ awareness and understanding of environmental issues and develop the values and attitudes that promote a greater sense of personal responsibility and concern for the environment. Students will have opportunities to work on various green activities and projects and at the same time, acquire life skills such as working collaboratively in a team and communicating their ideas and projects to others confidently.

 CS2Inno-T(h)inkers Club 

[Merger of Innovators & T(h)inkers Club]

The Inno-T(h)inkers Club CCA aims to imbue in students the flexible and generative mindsets and skill sets for creative problem-solving through A-B-C process that is based on the  Design Thinking (DT) protocol and computer programming. 

DT is about having the creative confidence that everyone can be part of creating a more desirable future and a process to take action when faced with a difficult challenge. Programming is the art of telling a computer what to do through a set of instructions and these instructions are written in a computer’s language or code. Students would be working in collaborative groups and, using both the DT protocol and coding, work on real-world problems and issues.

 CS3Media Club The Media Club aims to expose students to different types of media tools that aid presentation and communication. During the course of the CCA, students will learn about digital presentation and communication tools, go through relevant Cyber Wellness skills that are relevant to the tools learnt and also be involved in the use of media equipment. Students will have the opportunities to practise what they have learnt through hands-on sessions during school events and activities and also in curating digital artefacts for the school. 

Sports and Games

SG1GymnasticsThe Gymnastics CCA aims to provide students the platform to discover and learn various body movements with control as well as develop confidence in what their body is capable to perform. Individual activities conducted seek to develop mastery-orientation of movements in students and character values such as confidence, responsibility, resilience and sportsmanship. Group activities allow development of friendships and social integration to forge a greater sense of identity and belonging to the CCA.

SG2 Floorball The Floorball CCA aims to nurture students' interest and passion for the game of floorball as they learn the basic skills and rules of the sport. Students will be taught the basic techniques of the sport, game concepts and strategies, and will apply them in actual gameplay settings. In the course of the CCA, students will learn the values of sportsmanship, respect, excellence and teamwork. 
SG3 Multi- Sport (formerly Frisbee CCA)The Multi-Sport CCA offers various sport modules which are planned and facilitated by our teachers. The list of sports may include Ultimate Frisbee, floorball, football, touch rugby, netball pickleball, badminton, kickball and other modified games.  Students will be able to learn and apply skills to actual and modified versions of the games on a weekly basis. Our aim is for the students to be exposed to new sports and games and be comfortable in learning and finding out more of their strengths through play.
 SG4Outdoor Adventure The Outdoor Adventure CCA hopes to instil in students a love for the outdoors through the outdoor adventure activities. The activities also seek to develop character values such as confidence, courage, responsibility and resilience. Through the natural and social environments offered by the outdoor adventure activities, students will be able to make connections with their self, others and the environment. Students will also be exposed to adventure activities in meaningful ways to develop their interpersonal & intrapersonal skills. Some of the adventure activities include problem solving, outdoor cooking, orienteering, campcraft, knotting & pioneering, challenge ropes course, water sports, camps and journey/expeditions. The CCA hopes to provide students with new skills, adventure, lasting memories and inculcate in them positive values and healthy lifestyles. 
 SG5Basketball  The Basketball CCA provides opportunities for students to learn and apply the fundamental basketball skills such as passing, dribbling, shooting and lay-up. Students will be taught concepts such as moving into space, attacking and defending. They will also learn the rules and progressively apply them in the game of basketball. Training would include basic ball skills, stamina building, agility and coordination exercises under the close supervision of the teachers and coach. The students will also learn values such as sportsmanship, fairplay, teamwork and discipline.
 SG6 BadmintonThe Badminton CCA aims to nurture students' interest and passion for the game of badminton as they learn the basic skills and rules of the sport. Students will be taught the basic techniques of the sport, game concepts and strategies and will apply them in actual gameplay settings. In the course of the CCA, students will learn the values of sportsmanship, respect, excellence and teamwork.

Uniform Group


The Scouts CCA is open to both boys and girls and hopes to provide an environment which is intellectually stimulating, physically active and directed towards satisfying the child’s basic need to face and overcome various challenges.

Students will develop a strong sense of camaraderie as they work together in teams. They will be exposed to varied activities which would allow them to step out of their comfort zone to develop their character. Through these activities, students will become more confident and civic-conscious citizens. Some of the activities include going on field trips to learn more about other occupations, campcraft and survival skills. Students will also learn skills that would develop their creativity and enhance their problem-solving skills.