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School Leaders' Message & Profile

Greetings from Springdale Primary School!

Springdale Primary School opened its gates in 2013 and this year, we have finally grown to be a full school with all six levels!


As we strive to serve the community, we believe we can do this better in partnership with you. It is our privilege to work with you in nurturing every child who comes through our gates. Parents play a critical role in a child’s education. As the primary school years build the foundation for a child’s learning, the school seeks your support in ensuring that every child is given the right environment to realize his/her potential.


As a school, our purpose is to add value to the lives of our students through a holistic education that makes learning fun, builds character and ensures that every child is equipped with the skills and competencies to navigate the future.


In Springdale Primary School, we hope to nurture the whole child by providing security (through a safe and nurturing environment for growth); developing self-worth (building identity and acceptance, undergirded by love); and significance (having a sense of purpose to serve) to face the future.


As stewards of lives, we take pride in our work and always consider it a privilege to be able to nurture and mould the lives of our children today. We know that all our students will grow up to become somebody one day and they will be leaving their marks wherever they tread!


Looking ahead, we believe that it will be an exciting year for all our students, especially for our Kindergarten 1 and Primary 1 students as they embark on the next phase of their education journeys. For all levels, students can look forward to many opportunities for learning and growth such as learning to get along with friends from different background; learning about our fragile natural environment; and more importantly, learning more about themselves and what they are good at! Learning journeys, adventure camps and overseas immersion programmes have been planned for different cohort of students. For our first batch of Primary 6 students, it would also be the time for them to consolidate their learning for their upcoming national examination.


We have enjoyed a pleasant and fruitful partnership with our parents over the last five years and, together with our staff, we look forward to continue to work closely with you to help our students and children achieve their best.

Mrs Lee-Koh Siew Cheng (P).jpgMr_Ho_VPA.pngMr Patrick Chan.JPGMrs_Melina.jpg
    Mrs Lee-Koh SC     Principal 

Mr Kelvin Ho Vice-Principal (Academic) Mr Patrick Chan
Vice-Principal (Administration)
 Mrs Melina Chen Centre Head (Kindergarten)