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Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision

Every Springdalite is a secure individual, a leader of self-worth and a significant citizen.

Our Mission

To engage young minds, mould their character and equip them for the future.

Our School Values -R3ICH

GREAT Expectations

Our GREAT Expectations of Staff

To set the tone for our school culture, the school came up with our own “GREAT” Expectations of Staff. GREAT encompasses the following 5 elements:

Growth: Developing a mindset that encourages exploration and risk-taking.

Radiance: Being a beacon that radiates positive attitude that contribute to building up one another.

Empathy: Appreciating different perspectives and feelings of others.

Abundance: Adopting an attitude of giving and sharing with the community.

Truth: Cultivating a mind of intellectual curiosity and discernment.

This is also a translation of our school R3ICH values into our daily practices. Through these daily practices, the school aims to create a school culture of collaborative learning, care and continuous improvement. In turn, this will set the tone of the environment for the school programmes and process to achieve the desired Springdalite outcomes.

Educational Approach

The Springdale Learning Experience (SLE)

Adopting Tony Wagner’s research on developing young people to become innovators, we envision Springdale Primary School to be the cradle where Play, which is embodied within discovery-based and experiential-based learning, ignites students’ Passion for learning, and over time, evolves into a deeper sense of Purpose. In short, we envisage every Springdalite, in the course of their learning, will have an enriching Springdale Learning Experience (SLE).