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Chinese New Year Celebration

The school celebrated Chinese New Year on Mon, 4 Feb 19. Prior to that, students learned to say Chinese New Year Greetings in Mandarin during Recess Activity time. 

On the day of celebration, students learned about the origins of Chinese New Year via a skit put up by P6IN Chinese class students. The audiences were mesmerized by the song item put up by our young MOE Kindergarten students; martial art and Violin performances put up by Guan Kang Sin (6G) & Dance performance put up by our International dance members! Of course, the highlight of the day was the performance by the lion dance troupes.

For Classroom activities, the lower primary students had a good time coloring the Chinese character” (prosperity) word. The middle primary students coloured and cut out the ” (prosperity) word. The upper primary students participated in the meaningful Recycle activity of collecting and packing old clothes from home to help the needy.

Through the above memorable activities, the students learned & appreciated the Chinese traditions when they celebrated this special day with their schoolmates and their loved ones.