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Achievement Day

It was a celebration of achievements and recognition of the efforts by our students as the school commemorated its 5th Achievement Day on Fri, 17 Nov 17. Besides giving out awards to those who had done well academically, the school also gave out the Star Springdalite Awards to recognise students who have demonstrated exemplary behaviour and lived out the school values during the school year.

On this day, the school was also proud to have our students showcase their talents to our guests. Our Choir CCA delighted the audience with their melodic voices and the Gymnastics and International Dance CCA wowed the crowd with their synchronized and rhythmic moves. 

A dedicated team of Parent Volunteers who have served the school regularly were also affirmed of their efforts and contributions in partnering the school in nurturing its young charges. Staff who had served in the school for 5 years were also recognised for their contributions and dedication through the SAC Long Service Award. 

It was indeed a day of celebration as we see the students grow in Play.Passion.Purpose. 

To view the performances of by the CCA groups, please go to the following pages:

P.S. On this note, the school would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused when the pre-ordered refreshments did not arrive on time. Our sincere thanks to many of you for so graciously extending your kind understanding in this matter.