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Vision, Mission, Values, Guiding Principle & Educational Philosophy

The school Vision, Mission, Values and Strategies presented here are created through months of generative conversations between the Principal, Vice-Principal and a few key personnel of Springdale Primary School. 

Our Vision

Every Springdalite is a secure individual, a leader of self-worth and a significant citizen.

Our Mission

To engage young minds, mould their character and equip them for the future.
Our Core (Staff / MOE) Values - IPLE

Integrity the Foundation
People our Focus
Learning our Passion
Excellence our Pursuit

Our School Values - R 3 ICH


Our Guiding Principle: GREAT

Springdale Primary School’s ethos is encapsulated in the acronym GREAT encompassing the following 5 elements:

  • Growth: Developing a mindset that encourages exploration and risk-taking.
  • Radiance: Being a beacon that radiates positive attitude that contribute to building up one another.
  • Empathy: Appreciating different perspectives and feelings of others.
  • Abundance: Adopting an attitude of giving and sharing with the community.
  • Truth: Cultivating a mind of intellectual curiosity and discernment.

Our Education Philosophy

Henry Brooks Adams said, “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” This speaks of the immense impact teachers have over the lives of their pupils. As school leaders, we see our role as creating a positive environment and culture where every teacher will be nurtured as a whole person, so as to positively influence and impact the lives of the pupils. Underlying this philosophy is our belief that everyone, teachers and pupils, is unique and has the potential to blossom and contribute given the right environment.

Moving on in leading Springdale Primary School, our education philosophy will be centred around the 3Ps – Play. Passion. Purpose. In our curriculum, each child will be encouraged to explore and discover new knowledge through experiential and authentic learning. When pupils enjoy learning and see it as a form of Play, their Passion will be ignited. This will evolve into a spirit of inquiry and intellectual curiosity. Eventually, it will result in a deeper sense of Purpose in their continuous pursuit of knowledge.

With this, we hope to join hands with the parents and the community to nurture every Springdalite to have a sense of security (through a safe and nurturing environment for growth), self-worth (building identity and acceptance, undergirded by love) and significance (having a sense of purpose to serve) to contribute to the community they live in.