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School Administrative & Operation Team

Administrative & Operation Staff

Name Position
Mdm Joan Hoo Administration Manager
Mr Augustine Ng Operations Manager
Mdm Monica Lau Corporate Support Officer
Mdm Norliza Jaafar Corporate Support Officer
Mdm Teo Geok Mui Operations Support Officer
Mdm Fu Xuejuan Operations Support Officer
Mdm Pan Lian Operations Support Officer
Mr Goh Sing Pew Operations Support Officer
Mdm Asilah Liyana School Programmes Executive

Support Staff

Name Position
Mdm Asilah Liyana
School Programmes Executive
Mdm Jamilah Ahmad Librarian
Mr Christopher Leong Technical Assistant    
Mdm Thamineni Bindu Kalyani 
ICT Associate 

The school is also supported by the following contract staff and vendors:

  • Security Officers
  • Canteen Stalls Operators
  • Contract Cleaners
  • Bookshop Vendor