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Racial Harmony Day Celebration



The school commemorated Racial Harmony Day (RHD) on 17 July 2017. RHD serves to remind our students that race can be a potential fault line that causes disunity in society. This year, the theme is The Singapore Way. As we make the journey from tolerating differences to embracing diversity, our Singapore identity continues to develop. It is therefore crucial that RHD activities be purposefully designed to teach students to make friends with other races & show appreciation for each other’s culture. 

A week prior to the RHD celebration, our students were shown videos of how to play traditional games such as pick-up sticks, kuti kuti, zero point, skipping rope & sepak takraw. They then experienced the playing of these traditional games on the day of the commemoration. Students also learnt more about RHD via CCE lessons conducted by the Mother Tongue Teachers. During Assembly, our teachers shared the importance of RHD & the uniqueness of Singapore. A quiz based on their CCE lessons was also conducted. 

Through the various activities, students developed dispositions of respect & acceptance as they played different traditional games & learn about cultures. The school hopes that students, through the exposure to different cultural practices & beliefs, will be equipped with the necessary skills & values that will enable them to live & work harmoniously in our multi-cultural society.