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Achievement Day

It was a celebration of achievements and recognition of efforts of our students on Fri, 18 Nov 16, as the school commemorated Achievement Day. Students were affirmed for their learning, development and growth. Besides giving out awards to those who had done well academically, the school also gave out Star Springdalite Awards to recognise students who have demonstrated exemplary behaviour and lived out the school values during the school year.

On this day, while the Choir CCA regaled the audience with melodic voices, the Gymnastics and International Dance CCA wowed the crowd with their synchronized and rhythmic moves. Level movie presentations, capturing the fun and learning that the students had in class, the friendships they forged with their peers and the rapport they shared with their teachers, were screened prior to each level's award presentation. It was indeed a day of fun, flair and friendship!

You may view the performances by our CCA members below.

Choir Performance

Gymnastics Performance

International Dance Performance