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Info-Comm Technology


The Info-Comm Technology (ICT) department aims to equip students with the attitudes, skills & knowledge for self-directed & collaborative learning through the effective & responsible use of ICT.

Baseline Training
In the course of the 6 years in Springdale Primary School, pupils will be taught certain baseline ICT skills as specified by MOE. These skills are aligned to the school syllabus & serves to complement the school curriculum. At the end of their primary education, pupils will have acquired the following ICT skills:

  1. Operate computers & applications in ICT-enabled learning environment
  2. Search for information over the Internet
  3. Create a short document using a word processor
  4. Create a short presentation with multimedia elements
  5. Represent tables of information in word processors & spreadsheets
  6. Communicate over the Internet
  7. Collect data using ICT tool


Cyber Wellness
With the proliferation of digital technologies, promoting a safe & responsible internet usage is vital. Hence, cyber wellness is taught as part of the Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP) as well as during ICT lessons. The cyber wellness lessons taught in school is closely aligned to the Cyber Wellness Framework which is guided by the principles of respect for self & others & safe & responsible use.


Home-Based Learning
Home-Based Learning (HBL) serves to foster in pupils independent & self-directed learning. To facilitate this, the school has scheduled certain days in the Term whereby pupils will access on-line lessons at home via the web-based learning platformMcOnline Portal.
This portal provides an avenue for pupils to reinforce & extend their learning at their own pace. Teachers also make use of this portal to assign lessons & work to the pupils.

A computer & internet connection is required for pupils to access the web-based learning portal. To ensure that no child is disadvantaged & every child has access to a computer &/or broadband internet connection at home, the government is providing subsidy to low-income households to acquire them at an affordable price through theNEU PC Plus Programme.


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