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Art Education

Aims of Art Education

The aims of Art education are to enable every student:
  1. to bevisually literate
    • students are able to observe, understand and make meaning of what they see
    •students are able to communicate their ideas by using and creating visuals

  2. toappreciate art
    • students are able to see the value and recognise the relevance of art in their lives

Art Framework

The Learning Outcomes of the Art curriculum are organised by levels in 2-year blocks and according to the cognitive and artistic development of our students. The objectives of the syllabus are achieved through the framework ofSeeing,ExpressingandAppreciating.

The three behavioural domains ofseeing, expressingandappreciatingtake into consideration the cognitive, affective and psychomotor dimensions that students are involved in when learning art. This ensures that students are provided with opportunities to observe their environment, generate ideas, create artworks, discuss about art and value the role of art in society.

Seeing Expressing Appreciating
In Seeing art, our students observe their surroundings & respond to what they see by asking questions & creating artworks. This heightens students’ sensory awareness,arouses curiosity & encourages imagination & generation of ideas. In Expressing art, our students generate ideas from what they see & explore ways to communicate their ideas, feelings & experiences. Students communicate through the various art forms & media as well as orally & in written text. This cultivates students’ spirit of innovation & experimentation. In Appreciating art, our students acquire skills & use appropriate art vocabulary to discuss & interpret artworks. They understand why & how artworks are made & value art in their lives & society. This heightens students’ aesthetics & cultural awareness & raises the value of art among them.

Scope of Learning

A. Learning Outcomes for Primary 1 & 2
Seeing Expressing Appreciating
Students will be able to…
  • identify simple visual qualities in what they see around them
  • be curious about what they see
  • share their imagination, thoughts & feelings through art-making
  • use selected art materials & media
  • enjoy looking at & creating art
  • talk about what they see & experience

B. Learning Outcomes for Primary 3 & 4
Seeing Expressing Appreciating
Students will be able to…
  • identify & differentiate visual qualities
  • gather information from visuals & what they see
  • share ideas & experiences in artworks & through art-making
  • explore & experiment different ways to use art materials & media
  • take pride in their own art-making
  • discuss artworks using basic art vocabulary (elements of art & principles of design)

B. Learning Outcomes for Primary 5 & 6
Seeing Expressing Appreciating
Students will be able to…
  • make informed links between the use of visual qualities & intentions
  • get ideas for art making from observing visuals & the world around them
  • discuss the intentions of their own artworks & interpret those of others
  • apply processes, art materials & media during art making that are appropriate to intentions
  • take pride in their own art making & respect others’ artworks
  • evaluate artworks using art vocabulary

Levels Theme
Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
Primary 1 Colours & Texture Around Us Me & Myself Things Around Us Line, Shapes, Textures & Colours Around Us
2D – Foundational Art 2D – Fine Art 3D - Modelling 2D – Printmaking
Primary 2 Line, Shapes & Colours Around Us Toys Animals Prints Around Us
2D – Fine Art 2D & 3D – Design 3D - Modelling 2D – Printmaking
Primary 3 Animals My Views! Pottery Coming to Life!
2D – Design 3D – Fine Art 2D – Fine Art Digital Art – Simple Animation 3D - Modelling Digital Art – Stop Motion Animation
Primary 4 Cultural Art Digital World On The Walls Capture The Moment
2D – Fine Art 2D – Design Digital Art 3D – Fine Art Digital Art
Primary 5
Things Around Us (Still Life) Museum-Based Learning Sculpture Moving Pictures
2D – Fine Art 2D & 3D – Fine Art 3D - Fine Art Digital Art - Stop Motion Animation