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P3 Modular Co-Curriculum Activities (CCA)

As part of the school’s Co-Curriculum Programmes (CCP) to support the holistic development of students and to complement the in-curriculum programmes, the Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) is designed to develop students’ Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge (ASK) in the cognitive, physical and aesthetics domains. CCA also provide a common space for friendships and social integration which helps to develop a sense of identity and belonging to the school.

The purpose of CCA is to:
  • provide students with a platform to discover their interests & talents
  • develop specific ASK in students pertaining to the CCA
  • develop character and social-emotional competencies as students interact with one another
  • develop in students a sense of identity & belonging to the school as they build meaningful friendships via the activities

Rationale for Modular CCA for Primary 3 Students
As the students are just embarking on CCA for the first time, a modular approach whereby classes rotate among the various CCAs in the year would better enable students to experience and discover their interests and talents in the different CCA domains. 

In addition, this approach would be carried out during curriculum time on Fridays whereby all students will have the opportunity to experience various domains of CCA. This would allow students to discover what they are better at and make a more informed choice when they move to Primary 4. This approach also allows CCA teachers to observe, identify talents and thereafter help the students develop their passion as they pursue their interests in the various domains.